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Acrylic Cosmetic, Apparel, and Shoe Displays

Acrylic display cases for your lipstick and nail polish. Belts, ties, shirts and shoes and other items you would like to display and protect. We also have available HUNDREDS of acrylic risers stands and jewelry displays.
Acrylic Body Outlines and Belt Displays or Necktie Holder. Shirt Easels and Hosiery Bins along with Clutch Bags Displays.

Body Outline

Made of durable PETG material, this outline features a hook for easy hanging and verstile strap cutouts. Two sizes to accommodate women and childrens clothing.
Item# BOL2810

Item# BOL1808 is 18" high, with 8" waist. Cost is $28
Item# BOL2810 is 28" high, with 10" waist. Cost is $43

Countertop Belt Display

Side cutouts will display 6 belts up to 2" thick. Available in clear or black acrylic.
Item# BELT15

Item# Belt15 is clear 15H x 13 x 1/2W x 6D cost is $20.
Item# Belt15B is black with same size as above and is $24.

Countertop Necktie Display

This display will show an array of four folded neckties.
Item# NTD1

Item# NTD1 is 13 1/2H x 19W x 4 1/4D cost is $36.

Shirt Folding Boards

This 1/8" thick acrylic board is handy for quickly and neatly folding shirts for display. 3 sizes.
Item# SB1210

Item# SB1285 is 12H x 8 1/2W cost is $9.
Item# SB1210 is 12 x 10 and cost is $10.
Item# SB1211 is 12 x 11 and cost is $11.

Single Folded Shirt Easels

Front ledge is 1 inch deep.
Item# CE11

Item# CE11 is 11 1/4H x 10W x 6 1/4D cost is $17.

Double Folded Shirt Easels

Holds two shirts one on front one on back.
Item# CE132

Item# CE132 is 13 x 10 x 13 and cost is $26.

Folded Shirt Easels

Front ledge is 1 3/4" deep.
Item# CE1015

Item# CE107 is 10 1/2H x 8W x 7 1/2D cost is $19. 
Item# CE1015 is 10 1/2 x 8W x 15D cost is $32.


For bulkier folded garments, with rounded front edge.
Item# J7508

Item# J3555 is 5 1/2H x 3 1/2W x 5 1/2D cost is $6.
Item# J5506 is 6H x 5 1/2W x 6 1/2D and cost is $7.
Item# J7508 is 8H x 7 1/2W x 8 1/2D and cost is $10.
Item# J9510 is 10H x 9 1/2W x 10 1/2D cost is $17. 

Hosiery Bins

Two and three level bins.
Item# DWTB3H
Item# DWTB2H is 8 5/8H x 15 1/2W x 9D.
it has 2 levels with bin sizes of 4 x 4 x 7 1/2. Cost is $70.
Item# DWTB3H is 12 3/8H x 15 1/2W x 13D.
it has 3 levels with bin sizes of 4 x 4 x 7 1/2. Cost is $90.

Clutch Bag Display

Four spaces for displaying wallets, clucth bags, and other soft goods. Spaces are 2 1/2" apart.
Item# CBR

Item# CBR is 8H x 4W x 11 1/4D cost is $26.

Lipstick Displays

Step tiered displays for 24 tubes.
Item# LSTR
Item# LSTR has round holes is 3H x 9 1/2W x 7 1/2D cost is $19.
Item# LSTS has square holes is same size as above cost is $19.

Folded Style Lipstick Displays

1/8" thick acrylic is folded over to provide a simple display for either 12 or 18 lipstick tubes. One inch holes.
Item# LST18

Item# LST12 holds 12 tubes is 1 1/2H x 9 1/2W x 4D cost is $15.
Item# LST18 holds 18 tubes is 1 1/2H x 9 1/2W x 5 1/2D cost is $17.

Revolving Tiered Lipstick Displays

Single and double tiered lipstick tube displays turn on a lazy susan base. One inch holes.
Item# LST36

Item# LST36 holds 36 tubes is 2H x 9 Diam. cost is $30.
Item# LST72 holds 72 tubes is 9 3/4H x 9 Diam. cost is $55.

Three Tier Nail Polish Display

Angled shelves enable sliding feed for polish bottles up to 4" tall. Each shelf has 6 slots. Spaced 4" apart.
Item# NP36

Item# NP36 is 16H x 12W x 9 1/2D cost is $86.

One piece Shoe Displays

Item# FRG6

Item# FRG4 is 4 1/2H x 3W x 9D cost is $11.
Item# FRG6 is 6 1/2H x 3W x 9D cost is $12.
Item# FRG9 is 9 1/2H x 3W x 9D cost is $13.

Scroll Style Shoe Riser

Item# FW1

Item# FW1 is 5H x 3W x 3 1/4D cost is $6.
Item# FW2 is 5H x 7W x 3 1/4D cost is $12.

Heel Rest Shoe Riser

Item# FWS7

Item# FWS5 is 5 1/4H x 3W x 9D cost is $7.
Item# FWS7 is 7 1/4H x 3W x 9D cost is $8.
Item# FWS9 is 9 1/4H x 3W x 9D cost is $10.

Z Style Shoe Riser

Item# FWZ6

Item# FWZ5 is 5 1/4H x 3W x 5 1/2D cost is $9.
Item# FWZ6 is 6H x 3W x 5 1/2D cost is $10.
Item# FWZ8 is 7 3/4H x 3W x 6 1/4D cost is $11.

Green Glass Look Shoe Riser

Item# SR30SS

Item# SR30SS is single size of 3H x 4W x 10D cost is $22.
Item# SR30DS is double size of 3H x 8W x 10D cost is $27.
Item# SR30ST is single size of 6H x 4W x 10D cost is $23.
Item# SR30DT is double size of 6H x 8W x 10D cost is $28.

Shoe Ribbon

Item# SR1B1
Item# SR1B1 is 6H x 5/8W x 8D cost is $5.

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