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You can click the middle and bottom row to enlarge the photo.

Top Row is solid oak wood. Our standard wood.
1. Left is Light...a golden pecan color or honey color
2. Next is Medium...a medium brown color.
3. Next is Red Mahogany...a slight red color to the medium brown.
4. Far right is Dark...a slightly darker brown color than medium.

*All woods can have some difference in the grains and the color of the wood itself. So expect
some slight variations in these colors. As wood ages is becomes darker, so over time
your wood color will get darker.

Middle row is solid cherry wood. Good for reddish tints.
1. Left is natural no stain with only a coat of wax.
2. Middle is chestnut. Very little red color, but slightly darker than light.
3. Right side is Red Mahogany. Gives a darker, rich color to cherry woods.

Bottom row is dark walnut wood. Gives a good dark look.
1. Left side is natural no stain, but with wax applied.
2. Middle has red mahogany stain. Is dark with a slight red tint.
3. Right is ebony. The darkest we have, gives an almost black look.
*Photo has a glare to it, and has taken away the darkness of the walnut wood.

Acrylic colors available are black, white, red, blue, green.

21 Felt colors we stock are:

We have tried several times to photograph the felt. But we can not get the true colors
of the felt to show. Therefore we have them listed and a short description of each.

 1. White is a plain pure white color of felt.......2.Black is Black we all know that color.
 3. Red is the normal red color.............................4.Navy Blue is a very dark blue.
 5. Orange is just like the orange you eat color........6.Royal Blue is a normal bright blue.
 7. Maroon is a dark or deep red burgandy color.........8.Tan is a light brown or camel color.
 9. Purple is a deep dark purple color.............10.Kelly Green is slightly bright medium grass green color.
11. Hunter Green is a dark forest or pine color....12.Gray is a normal color gray. Not dark or light.
13. Bright Yellow almost flourescent, bright.......14.Yellow/Gold is darker almost school bus yellow.
15. Brown is a dark rich brown color...............16.Baby Blue is a light powder blue color.
17. Ice Blue is medium bright blue color...........18.Off White is a egg or cream color.
19. Aqua color is a blueish green color............20.Pink is brighter color pink.
21. Rose is a darker pink or mauve color

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