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Football display cases | NFL Football display cases | Acrylic football displays | Wall mount football display

Football display cases for NFL footballs come with crystal clear standard 3/16" acrylic with polished edges. You can also get this same exact football display case in museum quality 99.9% U.V. potective acrylic. Glass football displays is also available with oak or cherry wood trim. Acrylic wall mounted multi football displays will hold one, two, three, four, five or six regulation size footballs with a hinged front door. We use only the highest quality materials. High quality workmanship is always Guaranteed.

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acrylic wall mount football display case

Acrylic Wall Mount Football display case $62.

This all acrylic wall mount style football display case measures 9x12x10T. It has 3/16" thick acrylic with polished edges. This case has an open back and mounts on wall in minutes. Comes with holding tee.

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acrylic football display cases

Acrylic Football Display Case $64.

The Football Display Case measures 8 x 12 x 9 tall and is made of 3/16" acrylic. It has an acrylic 1/4 inch thick base. We have red, white, blue, black and green acrylic base colors to choose from. This case comes with holding tee.

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football display case

Acrylic Football Case with wood Base $69.

This style football case measures 8x12x9T. It has 3/16" thick acrylic with polished edges. Display base is solid 3/4" routered oak wood base. Cherry and walnut woods are available. Display case is shown with a red acrylic top atop the oak wood base. Acrylic inserts as shown is an extra $10, and come in red, white, blue, black and green.

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football display

Acrylic Football Case & 5/8" Black Base $78.

This football display case comes with a 5/8" thick black acrylic base. Case measures 8x12x9T. It is 3/16" thick lucite with polished edges. The solid black lucite base is 5/8". Comes with football holding tee.

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Acrylic Football Display & 1.25" wood base $84.

This style football display case measures 8x12x9T. It is 3/16" thick acrylic with polished edges. Display base is 1.25" thicker trimmed oak wood base. Comes with holding tee and several FREE options for a customized football display. Cherry wood is available.

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Multi Acrylic Football Displays.

Multi Football Holders will hold up to 6 footballs. The case shown is our acrylic football display case that holds 5 footballs. It is wall mounted. These cases are available to hold 2, 3, 4, and 5 footballs.

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