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Memorial Flag Display Cases, Burial Flag Case,
Flag Shadow Boxes for Military Flag Awards and Medals.
Jersey Costumes Guitars Records and CDs. Keepsakes or Heirlooms Shadow Boxes.

memorial flag shadow box beanie baby shadow boxes jersey display case record lp shadow box baseball bat shadow box display

Memorial Flag Shadow Box Display

military shadow box

Memorial Flag Display Case or Military Shadow Box Display Case comes in solid oak or cherry woods. Four stain colors with satin or gloss finish. And 20 felt background colors helps to create a custom Burial Flag case. Includes picture frame trim.

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Beanie Baby Shadow Box Display

beanie baby shadow box

Beanie baby display cases to hold 30 and 50 beanie babies. Cases are available in solid oak or cherry wood. Acrylic displays also available, with many options to help create a custom looking display case.

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Record Album Shadow Box Display

shadow box record lp

Example of the endless items to display. Just give us a call for anything you would like to proudly display. The close ups give you a good view of our shadow boxes details. Price Approx $110 range.

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Jersey Shadow Box Display

Jersey display shadow boxes in five styles. This display case is for many flat items such as jerseys, dresses, uniforms, shirts, jackets, etc. It also can be made 3 1/2" deep to hold deeper items. The large shadow box measures 39 L x 35 W x 2 D but can be built to your specs. Size of shadow box is unlimited. Please visit the Jersey display case page for info on jersey shadow boxes.

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Baseball Bat Shadow Box Display

This example again shows the different things that you can have us do to hold what ever item you might want to display. This one happens to hold 9 bats and 9 balls. It comes with all the same options as all the displays do.

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Hockey Stick, Golf Clubs, Rifle, Sword Shadow Box Display

hockey stick

This hockey stick case can be made to hold golf clubs, rifles, swords, guitars and other longer but slim items. These cases come in solid oak or cherry woods. Choice of four stain colors with satin or gloss finish. And 20 felt background colors. You can also add picture frame trim.

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PH us at 330-332-0496. We can go over what your needs may be for any shape or style shadow box.

Shadow Box info. A shadow box is simply a deep picture frame. Most are 3-5" deep,are wood framed and may hold one or several items. Shadow boxes are custom displays since they are to hold special items or one of a kind items.
We have made these shadow box displays for some time now and over the years have found certain things most people want in a shadow box. One is good looks with high quality. The other is a fair price. We think in 99% of all shadow box displays we can give you whatever you want for less then $200. The very best way to get exactly what you want is to phone us or email us. We will work one on one with you to serve you and get you the best results for your money. Guaranteed....

Regular style is a very simple 3/4" wood frame with no molding. You actually see the frame. We also make a similar frame that has a 1 1/2" picture frame molding installed over the regular 3/4" wood frame.
All our displays come with a HUGE variety of FREE options, with over 300 FREE combinations we create a beautiful custom display case look, without the custom price.
Our shadow boxes can be from 2 to 11" deep. They can range from small 4 x 4 up to 40 x 36. These shadow boxes can hold most anything such as: Keepsakes, dolls, balls, artifacts, pictures, memorabilia, collectibles, jersey, guitar, shirt, shoes, bat, cap, shoe, hockey stick, puck, dresses, outfits, uniforms, costumes, sports related items, just to name a few. We have done them for pipes, knives, swords, rifles, records, and list goes on and on what can go in these really good looking wall mount frames.



We use oak as our standard wood. Which we can stain the color of your choice.
Each of our two styles of shadow box frames come with your choice of backgrounds. Mirror backs, matching wood backs, or 20 different felt color backs.


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