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Page updated 11-10-11.

Attention: ALL our figures come with a FULL money back Refund if you are not happy with its condition.

Since 1992 with thousands of sales we have had only 2 returns.

WE do buy kenner starting lineup football figures from 1988-1990 in package. But unless you need to sell, we suggest you hold the older figures. We think 1988-1990 SLU figures will only rise in value over the next 10 to 15 years. If you can hold onto them that long (in nice condition) you will get a very nice return.(Only our opinion).

We also buy a selected few football from 1991-2000. Or entire collections. However we suggest you hold the 1991-2000 figures as well. They are NOT bringing the value right now. And you might see a loss in selling those at this time.

In the case that you do want to sell to us, the package needs to be only in very nice presentable condition ..They do NOT need to be MINT or even NR MINT, but YES very nice. Please no opened figures. No torn or beat up packages. The closer to near mint or better will bring you a higher dollar.

Below is our want list. Please let us know what you have, the condition, and the price on each piece. We do trade. We will always look at your list of football figures you have for sale. Or entire collections you might need to sell. Several of these pieces we need more than one, so let us know how many you have.

The 1988-1990 common football figures are selling at near book value for very nice conditioned packages. Near mint or better packaged 1988-1990 slus may bring even more now. Seems recently prices on older figures have gone up. The harder to find figures can get well over book depending on the conditions.

We have seen some getting 3 times book value for very clean mint figures. Sometimes on Ebay you will see sellers asking $2000 or more for AFA graded 80 or 85 grade figures. And many of those same guys think our prices are high.

But remember... anything, even figures is only worth what someone will pay for it. Our prices are listed as a starting point. We will work with a buyer as much as we can. And we also know a figure is only worth what we can sell it for. Many times we hold figures for years before it sells.

As a dealer or even a collector you want to see a return on your collection. This is why many people collect and hold their figures for years. Dealers and collectors alike including us may buy and ask a higher price for now, thinking in the future the price will go up.

You may have noticed some buying ONLY really clean MINTY figures to send into AFA to grade and resell on EBAY for profit. We understand what that seller is doing and why. It is only reasonable to hope and to try to make a few dollars as a collector or dealer so that you might be able to buy another figure or even pay a bill.

We now grade all our figures and have raised the prices of the very clean figures we have. And lowered prices on some that are not as nice condition. We do NOT send figures to AFA. We have purchased AFA graded figures however, and those are listed.

Many figures we have are very good candidates for AFA grading. But, we do not send to AFA. Nor will we get the Huge dollar that an AFA graded figure will bring. But we will get what is fair and what a person is willing to buy for and what we are willing to sell for. Once a buyer buys from us he is free to AFA grade the figure and resell if he chooses at whatever price he wants.

Our return policy is:

If you purchase any figure from us and are not happy with the condition you may return it for a full refund that includes your original shipping costs. YOU must pay to send it back. The figure must come back to us in the exact same condition it was shipped to you in. You must also notify us within 5 days of receiving the figure that you want to return it and then it must be back to us within 5 days after notifying us of the return. Please do NOT try to change figures on us. As you will NOT get a refund.

Right now the market is coming back some. But still slow on 1991-2000 common figures. I would suggest anyone that wants to sell to NOT sell and hold them for now. Unless you absolutely need to sell then call us and we can talk.

Listed figures and items we are buying now (1-28-10)
All 1988 football figures
All 1989 Football figures
All 1990 Football figures
All Vintage Evel Knievel collectibles
McFarlane Spawn figures:
Twisted Land of Oz 
Dorothy and Variant Dorothy
Flying Monkeys

Unopened factory sealed Topps Football Boxes of cards from 1960-1986. Unopened factory sealed Football Boxes various brands from 1999. Topps completed sets of football from 1986 back to 1950.
McFarlane Football helmetless series 1 Series 1 all other football figures regular and variants McFarlane Football helmetless series 2 Series 2 all other football figures regular and variants Mcfarlane football series 3 all figures. McFaralane football series 4 variants. McFarlane football all other series variants that we do not have. 99 FB Thomas Z. Sapp 96 FB Aikman Variation 91 FB send list Brooks Brown E. Hampton Harbaugh Majkowski Meggett Simms 88BK many figures please send list. Eaton Adams Carroll Stockton Floyd Gminski Greenwood Hornacek McCray McDaniels Mckey Malone K. Perkins Schayes Thompson Vandeweghe Utah Jazz set

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VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover, Paypal, Checks and Money Orders Accepted


E-Mail us at displaycaseart@yahoo.com

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